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Swans - Filth / Body To Body, Job To Job

Genre: some kind of "Industrial" / Doom (without the "-Metal") / Noise-Rock
Released: 2000
Label/Catalogue: Young God Records - YG11

First LP from 1983 & a bonus track that contains an early concert they played in NYC. Disc 2 is "a collection of 16 track recordings, previously unavailable 24 track studio recordings, live cassette recordings, and sound loops from the years 1982-1985" that was originally released in 1991. That's some tough shit!

1. Filth
01. Stay Here
02. Big Strong Boss
03. Blackout
04. Power For Power
05. Freak
06. Right Wrong
07. Thank You
08. Weakling
09. Gang
Bonus Tracks: Live At The Kitchen NYC
10-1. Strip/Burn
10-2. Heatsheet
10-3. Blackout
10-4. Clay Man
10-5. Stay Here
10-6. Weakling

2. Body To Body, Job To Job
01. I'll Cry For You
02. Red Sheet
03. Loop 33
04. Your Game
05. Seal It Over
06. Whore
07. We'll Hang For That
08. Half Life
09. Loop 21
10. Get Out
11. Job
12. Loop 1
13. Mother, My Body Disgusts Me
14. Cop
15. Only I Can Hear, Only I Can Touch
16. Thug
17. Raping A Slave (Live Berlin 1984)

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Swans - Children of God [1987]

Kicking off with "New Mind" — which, while having the same general pace of most earlier Swans songs, also sounds distinctly different with its clearer, inventive arrangement, call-and-response vocals, and Gira's declamatory but not screamed lead vocal — Children of God finds the band making their own particular great leap forward. The simmering changes that were apparent in the albums just before this one's release fully come to the fore, as Swans take the courage to explore both their huge-sounding, bombastic side and gentle, if often still disturbing, delicacy (due credit especially to Westberg, Kizys, and Parsons, possibly the best musical lineup Swans ever had until the final years). The results are fascinating, ranging from the spare piano melting into ambient feedback of "In My Garden" and the twisted gospel blues of "Our Love Lies" to the acoustic guitar and organ on "You're Not Real, Girl" and the raging pounder "Beautiful Child." Equally importantly, if not more so, Jarboe now assumes a full role with Gira as co-leader of the band; while all lyrics are still Gira's, the two share lead vocal duties (though aside from the title track, no duets) throughout the album. The weary, evocative croon which Gira developed into his major vocal trademark here emerges to full effect (though he can still roar with the best of them at points) while Jarboe's cool, rich tones are simply astounding, as evidenced on an even more compelling version of "Blackmail," originally from the A Screw EP. Though Children is dedicated without any apparent irony to Jesus Christ, Gira's words remain as irreverent, challenging, and obsessed with overarching issues of religion, power, sex, love, and control as before, but with an ever-increasing depth and beauty to match the lusher musical textures. With flute, oboe, and strings adding further texturing to the often quite lovely songs created by the band, Children remains perhaps the key album of Swans' career — the clear signpost towards their ever-more ambitious albums in the future. []

Track list;
01 - New Mind. 5:13
02 - In My Garden. 5:34
03 - Our Love Lies. 5:50
04 - Sex, God, Sex. 6:49
05 - Blood and Honey. 4:46
06 - Like a Drug (sha la la la). 5:36
07 - You're Not Real, Girl. 4:21
08 - Beautiful Child. 5:16
09 - Blackmail. 3:34
10 - Trust Me. 5:23
11 - Real Love. 6:23
12 - Blind Love. 7:46
13 - Children of God. 4:34


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